Our Journey

Our Journey

The Beginning of Prosperity

Prosperity Lamps and Components Limited was established in Hong Kong. Our business took off, and we became a leading supplier in a variety of light sources, accessories and related machineries.

Partnership Built with OSRAM

As the 1st of many path-breaking investments, Prosperity and OSRAM established a joint venture – OSRAM Foshan Lighting Limited which was later renamed to Osram China Company Limited to focus on the lighting business in the China market.

Joint Venture Established with OSRAM

Osram Prosperity Company Limited was established as a joint venture, supplying and promoting lighting technology solutions to our customers in Hong Kong and Macau. In 2016, this Joint Venture was renamed into LEDVANCE Prosperity Company Limited.

First Wholly-Owned Factory Opened

To strengthen our position in China, we established a wholly owned factory – Prosperity Electric (China) Company Limited in Langfang, Hebei Province (located near Beijing), focusing on developing and producing luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications.

Subsidiary Opened in Guiyang, Guizhou

Guizhou Prosperity Professional Lighting Design & Engineering Company Limited was established in Guizhou, providing lighting solutions with an artistic eye for creative design, particularly with cave lighting.

More Factories Opened in Hangzhou

Prosperity (Hangzhou) Lighting Electrical Company Limited was established in 2002, specializing in manufacturing a comprehensive range of traditional lighting and LED products.

Hangzhou Times Lighting & Electric Appliance Company Limited was set up later that same year. After years of development, it became a leading manufacturer in China for High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps.

Joint Venture Formed with SiTECO & Entering into Industrial Material Business

Joining hands with SiTECO, Prosperity established a Joint Venture - SiTECO Prosperity Lighting (Langfang) Company Limited in 2004, specializing in manufacturing professional luminaires.

Jinzhou Youxin Quartz Technology Company Limited was established in 2004. Its principle business lies in production of quartz crucible for manufacturing silicon ingots to serve the solar and semiconductor industries. In recognition of the company’s dedication to independent innovation and technology development, Jinzhou Youxin was granted the title of “National Innovative Company”.

Strategic Investment in FSL & Ongoing Growth in Hong Kong

Foshan Electrical and Lighting Company Limited (FSL), a leading lighting manufacturer in China, was established in 1958. FSL provides good-quality, energy-saving products and comprehensive lighting solutions. In 2005, Prosperity became the 2nd largest shareholder of FSL.

SPL Lighting (Hong Kong) Company Limited was established in 2005 for providing customized lighting solutions for Hong Kong and Macau market.

Expansion into Industrial Material Business

Prosperity made further investments in the renewable energy material industry. In 2006, Jinzhou Changhua Carbon Production Company Limited was established, focusing on the production of graphite and carbon products.

Entering Aluminium Die-casting Business

In 2008, Prosperity cooperated with Efesto S.R.L., an Italian die-casting company, and formed the joint venture - Efesto Prosperity (Hangzhou) Metal Die-casting Company Limited. This company provides a wide range of aluminium die-casting components for lighting, automotive and furniture industries.

Further Expansion into Industrial Material Business & Ongoing Growth in the Eastern China market

Established in 2018, Xiangtan Linkye Gases Company Limited specializes in the production of chemicals including ammonium nitrate and associated by-products.

Teamslitek Prosperity (Shanghai) Lighting Company Limited was set up in 2018, providing end-to end lighting solutions for the Eastern China market.

Strengthen Our Market Position in Southeast Asia

Acquired LuxLight to strengthen the position in Southeast Asia

Acquired Traxon Technologies to expand into global lighting market

Traxon Technologies is a global leader in providing complete dynamic media and facade lighting solutions. It acts as a one-stop-shop for complete, sustainable, and intelligent lighting solutions for architectural, entertainment, hospitality, and retail lighting experiences.