Collaboration of Traxon e:cue and global IoT developer platform, Tuya Smart

15 Sep, 2023

Global leading architectural lighting solution provider, Traxon e:cue, and global IoT developer platform, Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), were excited to announce the collaboration in a signing ceremony at the TUYA Developer Conference in Zhongshan. To promote the brand “Osram”. The two parties announced their joint effort to create a one stop solution in areas such as whole-home and real estate, hotels, rentals, commercial lighting, and buildings.


Leveraging Tuya’s intelligent interconnected hardware and software system, Traxon e:cue gains the capability to offer a broader range of product choices, enabling them to provide tailored solutions to meet diverse user needs. In addition to jointly developing the global market, the two parties planned to expand international markets together. Traxon e:cue, as a globally renowned lighting company, has the capability to produce and deploy the entire lighting chain from fixtures to controls and has already created benchmark projects in different regions. On the other hand, Tuya Smart, as a global IoT developer platform, has accumulated abundant resources and valuable experience in expanding international markets, channel maintenance, technical capabilities, and ecosystem construction.


The collaboration between Traxon e:cue and Tuya Smart will allow us to leverage each other’s strengths and gain a larger share of the global lighting market and the intelligent application market in commercial spaces, ranging from homes to commercial lighting, hotels, and more. This partnership is a win-win for both parties as they work together to create more influential and competitive products and seize the opportunity in the intelligent space market.


In this vast market, standing alone is no longer viable. A strong partnership is a key to success. By combining the expertise in respective domains, both sides can develop products with greater influence and competitiveness.